We are changing the way India travels on highways in rented cars. We need enthusiastic companions in this ultimate trip of making others’ road trips happy.

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Safe and Convenient Rides

We are aggregating outstation cars business in a revolutionary way. We are making travelling out of town on road safer and more convenient. We need people who are sensitive to issues such as legal compliances, women’s safety and customer comfort.

Democratic Marketplace

InstaCar is a marketplace of outstation cars but it doesn’t operate like an impersonlized traditional eCommerce store. On one hand, we are creating a democratic platform for travelers to choose from, on the other, we are constantly checking and cross-checking legal norms and compliances.

Elevating the standard of road trips

The one factor that makes any road trip memorable is when you have your own car. InstaCar works exactly on this concept – we are making our customers feel like they own the car when they choose to book from us.

Meet the Founders

Ishan, Anurag & Priyanshi


United by chance through a mutual friend, Co-Founders Ishan, Anurag & Priyanshi bonded over the shared idea to change transportation for the better.

Meet a few more of your future team members

Pritha Johar

UI Engineer

Pradeep Malviya

UI / UX Designer